The positive side to e-cigarettes is not just you smelling heavenly because there’s no smoke. There are others.

Price-wise, the e-cigarette habit costs a lot less than traditional cigarette's because you have the option to buy the starter kit with refillable cartridges. I guess that really all depends on how much you smoke.

The “E-juice” or liquid that is heated in order to create the illusion of smoking does not have tobacco and all the other chemicals found in a normal cigarette. What you have in it is nicotine, isolated from all those other things that are unhealthy. Though it is indeed the substance that causes the addiction to smoking, it does not have adverse effects compared to tobacco.

You get to choose the amount of nicotine you inhale. The cartridges that are used in e-cigarettes have varying amounts of nicotine, so if you want to lessen or strengthen your intake, it’s up to you.

You can use them in public places and not have to find a smoking room. It’s not going to cause problems such as secondary smoke inhalation and other health concerns. Why smell like a ashtray when you can literally smell like Bananna Split, or Peppermint candy.

Your health matters most, so be sure to choose the right one. Your loved ones hope to have you with them for as much time as you can. The right choice would be e-cigarette.

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